Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered outside the gate.  Therefore, let us go forth to him outside the camp, bearing his reproach.  For we have no continuing city here, but we seek one to come.


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Prayer Meeting Notes from Rebekah, Part Eighteen:

“About four years ago, I put a piece of notebook paper in my Bible on which to write down things said during the meetings that really stood out to me.”
Rebekah Joy

“Can you be happy if someone is not doing what you want them to do?”

Can you be happy if someone is not doing what you want them to do, or if you cannot do what you would like to do? Either way, if you cannot be happy under those conditions, then you are what the Bible calls “self-willed”. The only thing that gives a self-willed person any sense of happiness and peace is seeing his will done. Outside of that, he is depressed, or angry, or in some other way miserable.

Jesus will give you a peace and joy that remains when your will is not done. That is a liberty that this world knows nothing about, and it is worth seeking God to have.

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