Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered outside the gate.  Therefore, let us go forth to him outside the camp, bearing his reproach.  For we have no continuing city here, but we seek one to come.


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A Letter From A Self-Appointed Apostle: Response 1

Hey there,

I saw the letter this morning from Brother I. P. Just last night, my Mom and Dad and Sister Sandy were eating at Cracker Barrel and our waiter very much reminded us of him. We then said, “I wonder how Brother I--- is doing?” Well, we got our answer. 8-)

When I read his letter to Brother Gary, I saw something about what Brother I---- is teaching that is so sad. He is saying that once someone has received the holy Ghost baptism he has overcome the world forever and will never stumble. That can really “puff one up”. He is saying that one is forever above being capable of sinning any longer and are is above being influenced by the world.

There is something that happens to people when they receive the holy Ghost, and it becomes a permanent part of them, if they love it. You begin to change and want to become more like your Father and less like the world. What Brother I--- is saying will make a person proud, and that is the very opposite of what one should do, which is to humble oneself before the Lord and pray for strength to live holy and do deeds that are pleasing in God’s sight, “working out your salvation with fear and trembling”. Why would anyone need to do that if he has already passed the point where he can fall? It takes “hope” out of the picture, as well as the faith that you can experience in your journey with the Lord. What a missed opportunity to truly learn the love your Father has for you and you for Him!

If Brother I--- ever does stray off the path (so to speak) into sin, will that be a holy thing to him? Will it just be something else good that happens in God’s kingdom, and he will be fine? If he ever makes a mistake, he will have to pretend to be pure and holy even more than he is pretending now, in order to maintain his doctrine, and that is a hard place to be in.

I am so thankful for God showing us how to live and that He is real and His ways are not just a theory. It is not something to be taken lightly. We are blessed. God is teaching us and has taught us that there are consequences for our actions and that we learn through them and live because of them, and that is helping us to prepare to receive our coming salvation. The simple fact is that if we do not live according to the will of God, we will not be with Him eternally. God has a standard. He is not like us. We just have to go beyond ourselves and believe it! I sure hope Brother I-- will one day realize it and we will see him again.

Thanks for the letter.

Amy P.


Hi Amy:

When I read the letter from Brother I---, I could not help but be concerned for J--, his young wife. How is she going to manage to live with a husband who can never admit that he has erred and is teaching her that if she ever errs, that means that she was never really a child of God? And in that case, what will he, a great apostle, do with a wife that never even belonged to God? God commanded his people never to marry those on the outside! That means Brother I--, the great apostle, sinned by marrying someone outside the body of Christ. But he insists that he cannot sin because he has received the real holy Ghost. So that would mean . . . what? If his doctrine is true, that would mean that he never really belonged to God, either, because he sinned. What a web of confusion! What a burden for her to carry!

Poor J--- had better be careful not ever to displease that man by making a mistake. She would then force the apostle who cannot sin to admit that he did sin by marrying someone who never even belonged to God. The “apostle” is headed for a great fall. I hope that he survives it, but if he does not, I hope that he will not destroy that dear young girl with him.

The truth is that they both belong to God and both are confused and in need of a shepherd who is made after God’s own heart for them. They are just kids trying to be more than they are, while the precious days of their youth pass quickly away. It is so sad!

Pastor John

PS You know, not too long ago, this “apostle” was released from prison. Have you noticed how often young men whom God delivers from prison bring their old stubborn attitude against government with them when they enter into the kingdom of God? I have seen that more than once.

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