Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered outside the gate.  Therefore, let us go forth to him outside the camp, bearing his reproach.  For we have no continuing city here, but we seek one to come.


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An Old Letter, Part 2
Coming Out

From an old letter by Brother Jerry to a friend.

Jesse, if sin is the transgression of God’s will, then we need to know His will. The Bible says that the Spirit will teach us all truth, which I believe includes God’s will.

We repent and receive the Spirit, which has no sin in it; we stay full of that Spirit and put to death the deeds of the flesh, and if we endure to the end, we are promised to be saved. I don’t think it’s much harder than that. “We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”, and that is why Jesus died; so that we could repent and be filled with His sinless, perfect Spirit. Jesse, the New Testament is filled with evidence that God requires us to live without sin, and Jesus’ death provided us a way to live that way. If we “walk after the Spirit”, we do not sin against God. But a sinless life cannot be accomplished without the real holy Ghost, no matter how moral a person lives without it. If the holy ghost teaches us God’s will, then we will always transgress without it in our hearts teaching us.

If you have received the holy Ghost which speaks with other tongues when it comes in, then you are my brother in Christ. You have repented before God to His satisfaction, and He has sealed you with His Spirit – a holy unction from God that is stronger than your own will and will lead you into all righteousness. If your Spirit-filled church teaches that the holy Ghost baptism is the new birth and that you must have it to belong to God, then you have heard the truth. If a pastor encourages you to pray in tongues because the Spirit prays for our infirmities when we know not what to pray for, then he is encouraging your relationship with God. These are holy things and you are blessed beyond measure to understand them, just as I am.

Jesse, people can, and do, belong to Christianity without having God’s Spirit, the holy Ghost, within them. But Jesus doesn’t need the religion of Christianity to feed his people. God’s holy Ghost teaches God’s truth, and we must be free from the condemnation of sin to hear His voice.

There are so many links on Pastor John’s web site that teach what he has heard from Jesus. He said that before Jesus spoke to him he would have died for the religion of Christianity. It is hard to believe that God is calling His children out of the religion men have named after HIS Son. But the Spirit is speaking it now. People have written Pastor John from all over the world who have heard the message to come out of Christianity. Jesus didn’t start that religion; people did, assuming that to be a “Christian” means you belong to God. To have the holy Ghost is what means that you belong to God.

You don’t have to repent and be filled with the holy Ghost to be a part of Christianity, you just have to join one of Christianity’s sects.

If Christianity were of God, then Christianity’s ministers would be teaching God’s truths because “he that is of God speaks the words of God.” Christianity is just a mistake, a lie being told in the name of God. And if God’s real children are entangled in that lie and having their real holy Ghost extinguished by Spiritless ministers who teach doctrines contrary to the truth taught by the Spirit, then it is wicked. Jesus said there will be a religion that will fool, if possible, the very elect among God’s children. Christianity offers something to please every opinion of man, a doctrine for every single version of the carnal mind and wrong spirit on earth. Christianity will even marry men to men and women to women in the name of Christ. God’s children don’t belong anywhere in that confusion. There is liberty in Jesus.

We don’t have to be afraid to say that Christianity is not of God. God said it first. Pray and listen. Obey and hear. I hope we can continue talking, please read the web site thoroughly:

If God is saying come out of Christianity, let’s be blessed by it and seek God for the truth. None of us will find it any other way.

Please pray about these things. I don’t want to be right, I just want to know the real God and His son Jesus.

Your servant,


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