Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered outside the gate.  Therefore, let us go forth to him outside the camp, bearing his reproach.  For we have no continuing city here, but we seek one to come.


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A letter from Sister Donna Nelson


I had a good thought from the Lord in the night.

The very first thing Christianity teaches people to say is wrong . . . “I profess...” or “I accept the Lord”, or “I got saved”, when instead, it should be “God forgave”, or “God brought me out”, or “God touched my heart”.

The feeling was as if I were watching very young children being taught to say their very first words, and they were being taught in their first words . . . lies.



Hi Donna:

Amen! Paul said, “If any man boast, let him boast in the Lord.” How can we do that if we are told to talk about what we did instead of what God has done? And David mentioned in one of the Psalms that some children go astray even “from the womb, speaking lies”, just as you pointed out. Children don’t speak those lies unless they are told by their elders to do so.

The foundation stone upon which all Christianity is built is this one thing: one man telling another man that he is right with God. In the kingdom of God, the Father Himself bears witness when a man is right with Him by giving him the holy Ghost baptism.

Christianity is a very cruel religion, for all its sweet words. Babes in Christ, just entering in to their new life, are led to do evil from the time they take their first spiritual breath, and those babes obey because they love Jesus and are told that everybody who loves Jesus does those things. The saddest part of all is that just about everybody who loves Jesus DOES do those things. Weren’t we all deceived into thinking that Christianity was the family of God? While we were trying to be good Xns, how could we have known that by partaking of that religion, we were stumbling blocks for other children of God? Now that we are delivered from that abomination, we can see that Christianity is of the Devil and that the thing our brothers and sisters hold most dear (the Christian religion) is the very thing that is killing them! It was killing us, too, before Jesus helped us.

Jesus has revealed to us, Donna, that Christianity is a lie and that everything it does promotes the spirit of the father of lies, even as it uses the name of the Lord of truth, Jesus. Thank God for that knowledge! We owe our lives to Jesus! He IS our Savior! He has saved us from Christianity, the great whore on whose hands is the blood of saints. How can we praise him enough?

Yes, you are right. Christianity is built upon the foundation of what men claim and do. The saints of God are built up only by what God says and does. I thank God that He has spoken to us and has done something for us. If He had not done that for us, we would still be in the darkness of the Christian religion, at times serving spirits other than God’s, thinking we were doing God’s work.

“Praise ye the Lord!”

Pastor John

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