Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered outside the gate.  Therefore, let us go forth to him outside the camp, bearing his reproach.  For we have no continuing city here, but we seek one to come.


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Do you know what regularly scheduled prayer meetings are like? They are like a bride making out a schedule for the Bridegroom, directing him in his work. Doing that is a spiritual example of the woman being the head of the house.

We did not have that attitude when we engaged in regularly scheduled prayer meetings, and neither do many other children of God while they do the same, but in this New Testament era, the rebellious and superstitious envy of man is the source of this system of scheduling meetings with Jesus. It is the Christian thing to do. Appointing special times for God to meet with His people is part of the system of control over the saints instituted by the “great whore”. The Spirit will cleanse us from it if we are “willing and obedient”.

Over the years, I have heard one comment repeatedly from women who were struggling with the temptation to be the head of their houses; namely, “I am afraid to let my husband have control. I am afraid to trust him.” This ungodly fear is the same fear of those who are afraid to stop making out Jesus’ schedule for him. It is the fear of letting Jesus have control of his household.

Of course, the flesh asks, “But without regularly scheduled meetings, what shall we do?” It is a question that comes from fear and ignorance instead of faith and the knowledge of God. The flesh has no answer for that question, and so men feel out of control and uncomfortable. And the earth has no answer but to suggest to us never to meet with the saints at all. So, naturally, the woman nervously wrings her hands and whimpers, “What on earth shall I do?” The bride of Christ are those who, although afraid at the start, will humbly go to the head of the house for the answer. “Jesus, what on earth shall we do?” And, “Jesus, when on earth shall we do it?”

God will give us peace, and we will give Him praise. In response to His very great blessings on our lives, we now offer Him our wonderful Christian ideas about setting apart time for Him to meet with us. Prepare to be condemned as a cult for allowing God to join us together, for not telling people when to meet with Jesus, for not giving foul spirits any more hiding places. “Whoever heard of such a thing?” they will ask. “How can you maintain control without having a schedule?” The freer Jesus makes us, the stranger we will look to those who are still in bondage.

We humble ourselves before the Lord; we submit to God’s control over His own house; and we get in our places. We sacrifice to Him the familiar comfort of the convenient schedule we made for Him, and we pray that He will continue to guide us into all truth.

God help me. Here I stand. I can do nothing more.

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