Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered outside the gate.  Therefore, let us go forth to him outside the camp, bearing his reproach.  For we have no continuing city here, but we seek one to come.


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Not Much of a Christian

Pastor John

I’m at work but I had to reply to this TFM.


This statement is breathtaking! “The eventual result of Paul’s going to Mount Sinai was that the eternal gospel was revealed, the holy gospel that was to replace the gospel with which the disciples of Jesus began.”

I just love these non-christian truths. I mean, saying things like this is going to make you a hopeless heretic in the eyes of so many. Some will look for stones to pick up if they haven’t already. This statement along with the whole message of Galatians (and I haven’t heard what else you may have gleaned from the letter recently) destroys so many sacred cows. The truth puts the word of God so far above the bible and all cherished traditions. We can only stand in awe and say, “Yes, God.”

“Replace the gospel with which the disciples of Jesus began” .... I mean, whoooaaa, who did Paul think he was? Answer - nothing; he just heard from God, and because he was nothing in his own eyes, he did nothing but report what God said as earnestly as he could.

As I said once before did anyone ever tell you, you’re not much of a christian?

Well, somehow, back to work.



Hi Damien:

I never was much of a Christian, even when I thought I was supposed to be. And I don’t believe that anybody else is either, if that person really wants what is right.

One wonderful thing about Paul’s gospel replacing Peter’s for the Jews is that it was done altogether in love. There was no strife on Paul’s part, no ill-will, just submission to the will of God. Jesus did it all while Paul just obeyed.

And Jesus is doing it all for us. We are non-Christians only because of God’s great mercy through Christ! Let us live in such a way that others are at least made to consider the possibility that it is God’s mercy that brought us to this place. Shame on us, if we, by doing evil, bring a reproach on the precious gift of being made non-Christian servants of Jesus. If we are sinful as non-Christians, we lay a great stumbling block before God’s children who are watching us and wondering. It is difficult enough for them to believe what God has done for us when we walk perfectly with Christ “outside the gate” of Christianity; but if we live sinfully before them, we are working with Satan against them, turning them away from the call of God for them to come out, too.

Pastor John

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