Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered outside the gate.  Therefore, let us go forth to him outside the camp, bearing his reproach.  For we have no continuing city here, but we seek one to come.


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The Spirit Of Antichrist In Our Time

Letter from a brother in the Lord, Fall 2005

Dear Pastor John,

Praise the Lord Pastor, for all His goodness and mercy. Today I received several of the “thoughts for the evening” from Brother Gary. They are such a blessing. Keep up the “good works”; it is encouraging.

I love what you say about “into Christ”. I have been in agreement with you for a number of years. You know, very few people know that anti-Christ means “instead of Christ”. I saw a Greek definition once that said “like Christ”. It is a spirit that promises to make a man like Christ, yet without the Spirit of Christ. Any doctrine that says the Baptism of the holy Ghost is something extra that a man receives after he is born again is under the influence (drunk) on the spirit of anti-Christ. Any man who says that the Baptism of the Spirit is not conversion is drunk on anti-Christ. Any man who says that the Baptism of the Spirit is not for people in this age is “the Devil”! I was teaching the saints here in prison that “antichrist” is a doctrine with a spirit of the Devil behind it . It is the same spirit that was in the garden keeping the woman from believing God. It is the same self-righteous spirit that was working in Cain. It was the same spirit that worked through Jeroboam (his people are many) to erect false images of the God of Israel, to keep the people from going to do sacrifice in Jerusalem where the Spirit of Christ dwelt. Jeroboam said in his heart that if the people go to do sacrifice in Jerusalem their heart would turn again to their lord, King Rehoboam. The spirit of anti-Christ tries to see to it that the people trying to get a hold of God stay away from the real Spirit of God because he doesn’t want the people to “change kings”. Anti-Christ will ordain feasts “like” unto the ones in Judah. Anti-Christ will say “it is too much for you to go up to Jerusalem; worship God right here” away from the Spirit. The anti-Christ will make priests of the lowest of the people and not of the tribe of Levi (those born for and joined to the service of the God)! Anti-Christ is the spirit behind the doctrines and ceremonies of Christianity!

You know Pastor John, most people don’t know what or who anti-Christ is because they don’t even know what Christ is. They think Christ is Jesus’ last name, or should I say, the last name of the second number of the trinity. The doctrine of the trinity is one of the biggest anti-Christ doctrines among God’s people today. The reason the anti-Christ wants that doctrine taught is because it leads a man to believe that he can receive Jesus Christ apart from the holy Ghost.

One time I had a guy at one of our studies when I was teaching on “the landmarks set by our fathers” and how the landmarks were set so that future generations didn’t get robbed of their inheritance (Deut. 19:14, Prov. 22:28). You see, if anti-Christ could remove the landmark (sign) then he could keep people from receiving an inheritance. You know, Pastor John, I have passed right by places because I didn’t see the sign, and I called my wife on the cell phone and I told her that I was lost. She told me to go back one more time and drive slower and to look for the sign. Pastor John, I followed her instructions, and I saw the sign and I found “the way”! It is the same way in the Spirit, Acts chapter 2, chapter 10, chapter 19 contain “the landmarks set by our fathers”. Jesus said “these signs shall follow them that believe . . . they shall speak in new tongues”. Paul said “tongues are for a sign”. Pastor John, Christianity has removed the ancient landmarks set by our fathers. When I was finished teaching on this subject, the young man told me, “I have received Jesus Christ into my life, but I don’t think I have the holy Ghost.” Do you see the Devil behind “the trinity”? Christ is the holy Ghost! I ended up having to tear down a bunch of stuff in order to erect the true image of God. The man received Jesus Christ (the baptism of the Spirit) and now knows the truth. Praise the Lord.

Pastor John, I am blessed to know and fellowship with men like you and Brother Gary, men who love and walk in the truth.

Your Friend,

A Brother in Christ

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