Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered outside the gate.  Therefore, let us go forth to him outside the camp, bearing his reproach.  For we have no continuing city here, but we seek one to come.


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My Prayer

It is good to be back home after an absence of eleven days. Late tonight, in prayer in my office, my earnest prayer to God contained more than just my words. Sometimes God would finish my prayer for me, and at times, I knew God was giving me the prayer to pray at that moment. I want to share some portions that I can remember of my communion with God tonight, and I ask you to help me to pray these things. I want to see a move of God’s holy Spirit among His people!

Here are some of the thoughts, and some of the words the Lord and I said to one another tonight:

The happiest people on earth are those who have done the work they were given to do. They are the people who were prepared at the moment Jesus gave them a task to perform. The happiest people on earth are those who have not missed their opportunities.

The saddest people on earth are those who were unprepared when their moment came.

(The point the Lord was making in my heart when he said this to me was that this, and nothing else, is the real reason some of his people are happy and the real reason some of his people are discontent. So, if you are not happy in Jesus, prepare to be used. Stay ready. Jesus has something for you to do! And it will make you happy to do it!)

“Lord, deliver me from worldliness. Deliver me from the things that rob You of my time. Deliver me from the things that rob me of Your money. Deliver this body [of saints who meet in my home] from the things that rob You of their praise and that rob them of Your glory.”

Let me serve those who are truly seeking you. Let me know them and love them, and let them love and know these precious sheep here with me.

At one point, I began to pray this prayer: “Lord, there are things we cannot change . . .”

Then, the Lord finished the prayer for me. He said, “. . . but things WILL CHANGE with sufficient prayer.”

Is there something in your life that you wish would change? Then answer this question: Have you prayed enough about it?

“Lord, to serve You and Your people is the most precious thing in this world! The most valuable thing in life is to be of value to Your people! Lord, give us value! Dwell among us!”

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