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Four fundamental truths of the faithSpiritual Light is the result of four visitations from the Lord over a period of 4 years. Starting with the 3rd commandment and then insight into Christ's sacrifice the book reveals desperately needed understanding that dispels the confusion about conversion, baptism, salvation and works.

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Salvation & Conversion

Are you saved? Is it the same thing as conversion? Many are asked that question as if the two things are the same! No one in the Bible ever spoke of the day that they "got saved" as so many people do in this time. What does the Bible say about the subjects of salvation and being saved?

Jesus said that he who endures to the end will be saved. Paul wrote of the "hope of salvation" and Peter spoke of salvation being the end of our faith to be revealed in the latter time. What is the truth? Are you already saved, or not?

Study this page to learn the truth about Salvation. There are also audio clips taken from the What Must I Do to be Saved CD teaching series. Click on an article title in the box in the right column to read from a range of articles covering different aspects of the truth about salvation.

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Thought for Today
Oct. 03


From conversations with Preacher Clark, late 1970's.

Do you know the difference between being saved from sin and being forgiven for sin? To be saved from sin means to be kept from committing sin. No one who is sinning is being saved from sin. To be forgiven for sin means to obtain mercy for sins that have already been committed. That may seem to be a simple concept, but Christianity's confused teaching concerning "getting saved" has clouded the issue for some.

Long ago, Preacher Clark was trying to explain the difference to a sister in the Lord who, though listening patiently, just could not understand it. So, with equal patience, he walked over to the fireplace where her husband kept his shotgun and took it down from the wall.

As the stunned woman looked on, the Preacher calmly pointed the gun at her husband and asked, "Now, do you want to save me from shooting your husband, or do you want to forgive me for shooting him?"

"I get your point, Brother Clark", she replied.

Jesus, too, would rather save us from sin than to forgive us for sinning, and he suffered and died so that once he cleanses us from past sins by the power of the holy Ghost, there is no need for us ever to sin again. Every sin you do not commit is a sin Jesus has saved you from. Have you been saved from sin today? Thank Jesus if you have. If, however, you did sin today, then Jesus must forgive you if you are ever to meet God in peace. Jesus is saving multitudes of his children right now from sin. In fact, if he does not save them from sin now in this life, they will not be saved from the wrath of God in the Final Judgment.

Christian ministers who teach that those who trust in Jesus must still sin every day are servants of sin, not of God, for "Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin" (Jn. 8:34). They are also, as they themselves freely admit, sinners. Child of God, stay away from them. They are condemned; they are prisoners of sin. Without realizing it, they are teaching men that there is no hope of being saved from the coming wrath of God.

When the apostles mentioned the subject of when salvation is received, the overwhelming majority (72%) of those references say that salvation will be given to men in the future ("shall be saved"). However, a significant number of times (almost 30%), they mentioned salvation as a present condition ("are being saved"). The power of God can save us now from committing sin, and because of that, we have great hope that God will spare us (save us) later from damnation in the Final Judgment.