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Four fundamental truths of the faithSpiritual Light is the result of four visitations from the Lord over a period of 4 years. Starting with the 3rd commandment and then insight into Christ's sacrifice the book reveals desperately needed understanding that dispels the confusion about conversion, baptism, salvation and works.

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Salvation & Conversion

Are you saved? Is it the same thing as conversion? Many are asked that question as if the two things are the same! No one in the Bible ever spoke of the day that they "got saved" as so many people do in this time. What does the Bible say about the subjects of salvation and being saved?

Jesus said that he who endures to the end will be saved. Paul wrote of the "hope of salvation" and Peter spoke of salvation being the end of our faith to be revealed in the latter time. What is the truth? Are you already saved, or not?

Study this page to learn the truth about Salvation. There are also audio clips taken from the What Must I Do to be Saved CD teaching series. Click on an article title in the box in the right column to read from a range of articles covering different aspects of the truth about salvation.

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Thought for the Evening

Body And Soul

From a sermon by Preacher Clark at Grandma's house, June 2, 1968
Taken from Gary's CD-24, Track 2

The salvation of God is complete. It covers everything. It is for both the body and the soul. First, it is for the soul, and afterward, it is for the body.

We who have received the Spirit of God have already been redeemed in spirit, but what Jesus said is also true that as the end nears, our "redemption draweth nigh" because that approaching redemption is the redemption of the body.

God's saints have already been resurrected, but only in spirit. We were spiritually raised with Christ from the death of sin when we received the baptism of the holy Ghost. On the other hand, we do hope for, and we strive to attain to "the resurrection of the just" because that resurrection is for the body.

Moreover, believers in Christ have already been saved, but only spiritually. We have been saved in the sense of being rescued from sin and kept by God's mighty power from living in sin any longer. However, what Paul said is also true, "our salvation is nearer than when we believed" because that salvation is for the body. The day when we will receive our new bodies from heaven draws nearer with every passing day.

Have you been redeemed yet? If your soul has been bought with the price of the blood of Christ, you are redeemed to God and are no longer your own. But are you redeemed yet? If your body is still made of flesh, then you have not yet been redeemed.

Are you resurrected yet? If you have received God's life and have been brought out of the death and darkness of sin, you have been resurrected with Christ. But are you resurrected yet? If your body has not yet entered the grave and been brought back out again in a new, glorified form, then you have not yet been resurrected.

Are you saved yet? If you have been rescued from sin, then you have been saved. And if you are being kept from continuing in sin by God's power, then you are still being saved. But are you saved yet? If you have not yet been judged and have not received your eternal reward of a glorified body, then you are not yet saved.

God has a salvation for the body, and God has a salvation for the soul. If any minister proclaims a gospel that fails to include them both, reject it.