The Holy Spirit

Jesus said it was better for Him to go back to the Father or else the Comforter or the holy spirit would not come. He promised that He would send the promise of the holy Spirit upon those who believed in Him. The purpose of Jesus' sacrifice was to obtain the holy spirit baptism for men. How precious it is that the spirit of God can come and dwell in our hearts. But what is its' role? Is it necessary or just optional? How do you know if you have received the spirit?

Study the resource on this page to come to a better understanding of the wonderful gift of life that is given to us when we receive the holy spirit.

Video - Did The Apostles Think Of The Holy Spirit As A Person?

In this 3 part video, Pastor John Clark, Sr., examines the evidence from the Greek New Testament that shows that the apostles never referred to the holy spirit as a person even though they were free to depart from the basic rules of Greek grammar if they thought they were speaking of a person. Pastor John teaches some very simple, basic Greek grammar to show what the apostles could and did do with Greek words but never did in the case of the holy spirit. This class was taught to people with no background in Greek so don't worry that you know nothing about Greek!


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Gospel Tract #

The Third Throne

by John David Clark, Sr. - June, 1996

"A wise man will bear, and will increase learning"

"The LORD is in His holy temple. The LORD's throne is in heaven" (Ps. 1 1:4).

Whether David ever saw God's throne in heaven is unknown; but some prophets and righteous men did. "In the year that King Uzziah died", said Isaiah, "I saw the LORD sitting upon a throne, and his train filled the temple" (6: 1). Later, the apostle John was carried into heaven, and he described in detail both the "throne in heaven, and [the] one [who] sat on the throne" (Rev.4:2). Ezekiel was completely overwhelmed by the glory of God's throne, saying, "When I saw it, I fell upon my face" (1:28). Others, including Jesus (Rev.3:21), also spoke of the throne of God in heaven.

A centerpiece of the gospel is that there is a second throne in heaven, a throne of great majesty and beauty. This is the throne of Christ Jesus. Quoting an ancient prophecy, the author of Hebrews reminds the reader of the Father's invitation to Jesus: "Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool" (1:13). That Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father is mentioned on several occasions by the apostles. Then, the existence of a second throne (the throne of Jesus) is unequivocally revealed in the Scriptures.

These two thrones in heaven are occupied by the only two beings whom we are ever to worship. Both God and the Lamb of God (Jesus) are said to be "worthy of worship." The worship of angels is forbidden, as is the worship of any other creature. The Father and the Son alone are holy. God and His personal representative to man. To these two belongs all worship.

But there is another character told about in the Bible who considered himself worthy to be worshiped and determined to sit also on a heavenly throne - or make men think that he does. This third being determined long ago that "I will ascend into heaven; I will exalt my throne above the [angels] of God; I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation .... I will be like God." Despite the fact that one third of the angels in heaven supported his candidacy for godhood, he failed in his quest to share the glory of the father and the Son and was unceremonially cast out of heaven. Jesus said, "I saw Satan fall as lightening from heaven." Yet what he failed to accomplish while in heaven, Satan has succeeded in doing in the hearts of men.

Christians everywhere teach that there is a "third divine person" with the Father and the Son in heaven. Recently one of the best known charismatic ministers in the world today said on his television program that when the saints of God arrive in heaven they will see three thrones there. One for the father, one for the Son, and one for the "Holy Spirit". This crazy statement is generally in keeping with "orthodox" Christian doctrine.

But where was the third throne when Moses was given his heavenly vision? And when heaven was opened up for the dying young martyr Stephen, why did he not see a third throne? And Isaiah, Micaiah, and Zechariah - where was that third throne when they glimpsed the holy, heavenly places of God? The apostle John was "caught up in the Spirit" into heaven, and in his Revelation painted an incredibly detailed picture of heaven.

But no third throne. Why?

The answer is simple. There is no third throne. Because there is no third divine person. The desire of Satan has been from the beginning of his sin to be thought of as God: to be honored as God is honored, to be feared as God is feared. Of course, it is impossible that he would ever be worthy of such respect and reverence, but what if he is satisfied for men simply to think of him as if were deserving of such honor? And what if he disguised himself ("as an angel of light" in Paul's words) so that while we honor God, we in fact honor him as God also? This is what he has done. Satan can never be like God, or sit on a throne in heaven. The closest he can come to realizing his dream is to persuade men to believe that there is a third person in heaven sitting on a third throne. In doing that, he has a kingdom - but only in the hearts of foolish men.

My friend, this is the only way Satan can ever accomplish his desire to be like God: to deceive men into acting as if he were like God and speaking of him as if he were like God. And this he has accomplished, with the aid of well-intentioned but misguided Christians who advance the doctrine of a third person in an imaginary "godhead". In other words, the third "person" of Christianity's trinity is not God's Spirit. Then who is that third person?

For whom does that imagined third throne exist? Christians have taught for two millennia that God is a conglomerate of three divine personalities: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. But no such thing is taught in the Scriptures, or even implied by them. Who then is the intruder? Who is that "third person of the trinity"? And from whom did the doctrine of the trinity originate?

By the doctrine of the trinity, Satan has succeeded in doing among men what he failed to do in heaven: to wit, becoming equal with God in the eyes of men.

Satan was cast out of heaven for attempting to become a third divine person (in a triune godhead). He sinned in attempting to become an equal partner with the Father and the Son. Yet, Christianity teaches that there is such a godhead, and Christians call that imagined third person the "Holy Spirit". From whom came that blasphemous notion? And what is the real identity of that third "divine" person? It cannot be God's Spirit, for God's Spirit is not a person at all!


There is no third throne in heaven, to be sure, but Christianity demands that men make place for a third throne in their hearts, and to think of the occupant of that throne as they think of God: to honor the occupant of that throne as the Father and the Son are honored, to fear the occupant of that throne as the Father and the Son are feared. Christians call that third person "Holy Spirit", and they pray to him as they pray to God; and they praise him as they praise God. Who is he? Who is that person who claims to be the "person" of the "Holy Spirit" on a third throne? You must decide! Who is that "third person" who "as God sitteth in the temple of God [the body of Christ], shewing himself that he is God"? Who is this imposter?

The "Holy Spirit" preached by Christianity is not the real Spirit of God? If God's Spirit were a person, then Christianity's "Holy Spirit" might be what Christianity claims that it is. But God's Spirit is not a person; it is instead God's life, as the Scriptures teach; and that simple, holy truth exposes Christianity's "Holy Spirit" as an imposter; he is exposed as a thief and a liar, an abomination which makes the children of God who welcome him into their hearts desolate of the fruit and power of the holy Ghost.

Friend, what difference does it make what men call anything? The fact that Christianity calls that third person "Holy Spirit" does not make that third person holy; nor does it make God's Spirit a person; nor yet does it make him a part of God on a third throne. Christianity's Holy Spirit, the "third person" of the "trinity", is in fact Lucifer, the "son of the morning", who has disguised himself with a cloak of goodness and claims of holiness; and everywhere that he enters with his doctrines spiritual death follows. Where he is honored as God, darkness covers the heart. Where he is feared as God, faith wastes away.

Yes, Satan has disguised himself now as the "Holy Spirit" that Christianity teaches, so that men will prepared room in their hearts for him as a third divine person. And when he enters, he enters with death, by doctrines that rob our joy and ruin our fellowship. John called his spirit the spirit of Antichrist, and said that many in his day had already received him into their hearts as God. Paul, too, saw this perversion of the gospel and said that "the mystery of iniquity doth already work."

Yes, it is a mystery, a frightening, sobering mystery. I tremble to see it myself, and call on God for mercy not to be ashamed or fearful concerning these profoundly hidden things. But we can be encouraged. John, not to mention Jesus and Paul, reminded us of the absolutely dependable evidence that the Spirit we receive is the real holy Spirit of God: speaking in tongues when it enters. That is God's witness that Christ has enters our fleshly bodies. Said John, "Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesseth that Jesus is come in the flesh is of God. And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus is come in the flesh is not of God. This is that spirit of Antichrist, which ye have heard should come into the world, and even now there are many antichrists. (1John 4)

Without the real Spirit of God, men who will not truly repent devise another "Spirit", which they can claim to possess, even though the real holy Ghost has never entered their bodies. So, my friend, which "throne" do you honor? The ones that the Father and the Son are now sitting on in the heavenlies, or the throne of that "third person" which does not "confess" (through stammering lips and other tongues when it enters) Christ at all? Please search this matter out and if you see a "third throne" in the scriptures, let us know . . . we are certain that there is none, and confident that the truly hungry sheep of God will rejoice in what we are telling them.