The Holy Spirit

Jesus said it was better for Him to go back to the Father or else the Comforter or the holy spirit would not come. He promised that He would send the promise of the holy Spirit upon those who believed in Him. The purpose of Jesus' sacrifice was to obtain the holy spirit baptism for men. How precious it is that the spirit of God can come and dwell in our hearts. But what is its' role? Is it necessary or just optional? How do you know if you have received the spirit?

Study the resource on this page to come to a better understanding of the wonderful gift of life that is given to us when we receive the holy spirit.

Video - Did The Apostles Think Of The Holy Spirit As A Person?

In this 3 part video, Pastor John Clark, Sr., examines the evidence from the Greek New Testament that shows that the apostles never referred to the holy spirit as a person even though they were free to depart from the basic rules of Greek grammar if they thought they were speaking of a person. Pastor John teaches some very simple, basic Greek grammar to show what the apostles could and did do with Greek words but never did in the case of the holy spirit. This class was taught to people with no background in Greek so don't worry that you know nothing about Greek!


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Thought for the Evening

Is God True Or False?

Did God tell the truth about His Son or did He lie?

We have only two choices. Either we hold that God told the truth when He sent the holy Ghost back from heaven as His witness that He "made Jesus both Lord and Christ" or we make Him out to be a liar. And it isn't up to us to judge ourselves, whether we believe God is true or a liar; rather, "the Spirit is the witness because the Spirit is truth." In other words, those who humble themselves to God and receive the baptism of the holy Ghost that Jesus gives are the ones who confess that God is true, and those who do not humble themselves to Jesus' baptism are making God out to be a liar.

Does that sound harsh or too judgmental? Remember that "the Spirit is the witness", and listen to these two statements from the apostle John, first from John 3:33:

"He who receives His witness has set his seal that God is true."

And now, from 1John 5:10:

"He who believes on the Son of God has the witness in himself; he that does not believe God has made Him a liar because he does not believe the witness that God gave of His Son."

Is God true or false? Your answer cannot be a simple, verbal, "yes" or "no". Your answer is the answer of your soul's condition: do you, or do you not have the witness, the holy Ghost baptism, God's personal testimony, that He has indeed "made this same Jesus both Lord and Christ"? If so, your heart has believed that God is true. If not, then you must repent for making God out to be a liar.