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The New Birth or
The Born Again Experience

"When were the disciples born again?" Over the years, I have posed that simple question to a number of people, including Christian ministers, and I have yet to find anyone who had pondered it before I asked. Some seem surprised that such a question would even be asked. A fairly typical response has been this one, from a man who had been in the ministry for some time: "I have never thought about it." My sincere reply is, Why not? Why have so many, especially those in lofty religious positions, not much considered the most important issue that exists?

When Is A Person Really Born Again?

If the children of God ever discover the truth concerning the New Birth, then unordained influence and control over them will be forever broken. At the heart of the widespread neglect of this most important issue of life is this truth: No one is born of the Spirit until he or she is baptized with the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

Are you willing to look at the evidence?

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